Just as the Missouri and Mississippi rivers have shaped our history,
they inspire our future.

“Where the Rivers Run” is a one-hour Nine Network special, produced by Patrick Murphy, that tells the story of the Missouri rivers, taking us to our region’s forests, bluffs, prairies and waters through compelling imagery. We are also introduced to some of the artists, chefs, farmers, vintners, scientists, environmentalists and naturalists who explore and celebrate Missouri River Country. The heart of the story lies in the influence of the landscape on those who nurture it and are inspired by it.

“Where the Rivers Run” expands on Patrick Murphy’s 1999 special “The Katy: Stories from the Trail” in which he biked what was then a 200-mile trail along the former Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad track. Now 240 miles long, the Katy Trail angles across Missouri from Machens to Clinton and remains an essential feature of the story of Missouri’s rivers. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Katy Trail.

The Katy Trail, Confluence Point State Park and many Missouri conservation causes have benefited from the vision and generosity of Pat and Ted Jones.

Watch it now!

View the full documentary by clicking here and celebrate Missouri’s inspirational landscape, the Katy Trail, and the generosity and vision of Ted and Pat Jones.

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Sponsors of “Where the Rivers Run”
Sponsors of Where the Rivers Run