Planting Trees and Prairies


Conservation Easements

Planting Trees and Prairies

Fighting Invasive Species

Tree Planting Along the Katy Trail

The river that Lewis and Clark took west from St. Louis has changed greatly in the past two centuries but the bluffs and forests that overlook the river valley remain intact. In the fields beneath those bluffs are massive trees – pecans, oaks, and cottonwoods. All are remnants of the forests that originally covered the river valley. Some of these trees were witnesses to the original Journey of Discovery in 1804. It’s up to us to help reforest the land along the Katy Trail, as well as on private and public land in the river valley. 

Forest ReLeafOne of Magnificent Missouri’s key partners in conservation is Forest ReLeaf. They have collaborated with us for years in our tree planting efforts and by hosting an annual Tree Camp for children to raise the next generation of tree-mendous advocates!

Planting Prairies and Native Habitat

The 4-acre Peers Prairie lies between the Peers Store and the Katy Trail. In 2016, in collaboration with Missouri State Parks, we planted native wildflowers and grasses on this trailside property. It provides habitat and bio-diversity for the pollinators and beauty for all of us on the Trail.