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Fighting Invasive Species

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Once invasive species like bush honeysuckle and autumn olive gain a foothold on a farm or in a woodland, they are virtually impossible to eliminate. Despite the damage they cause, many conscientious landowners are unaware of the threat they pose. They have earned the badge “Enemy of the State” because of the havoc they wreak – threatening native wildlife and ecosystems, causing ecological destruction in many of our most sensitive habitats, and pushing many of our native plants and animals to the brink of extinction.​


Together We Can Help

One of the best approaches for dealing with invasive species is to move rapidly to eradicate newly detected invaders!

Bush honeysuckle is a serious threat to Missouri landowners. Originally planted in urban areas, it is spreading to the Missouri countryside and strangling native plants and trees. This plant kills all other plants and wildflowers AND limits physical access to your property. Preventing bush honeysuckle from infesting your farm or woodlands is one of the best investments a landowner can make.

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The Top 25 Invasive Plant Species in Missouri

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“Diggin’ Up That Honeysuckle” song by Gloria Attoun

Composed by our friend and super talented singer/songwriter Gloria Attoun, the song “Diggin’ Up That Honeysuckle” was inspired by the abundance of invasive and destructive honeysuckle that has grown on her own property and serves as an anthem for all of us waging war on bush honeysuckle. Take a listen to her amazing song below!

How to identify and control bush honeysuckle

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