Country Store Corridor


Country Store Corridor


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Magnificent Missouri’s Country Store Corridor is home to the Peers Store and the Treloar Mercantile. These are the bookends of our Country Store Corridor and provide a focal point for Magnificent Missouri’s conservation efforts.

Country Store Corridor at PEERS   |   Country Store Corridor at TRELOAR


The Country Store Corridor is calling!

Our Country Store Corridor is the 3.5-mile stretch of the Katy Trail between Peers and Treloar that features two of the only remaining general stores built for the arrival of the KATY in 1896. This scenic and historical portion of the Katy Trail provides a focal point for Magnificent Missouri’s conservation efforts.

Drive out any time for an easy half-day trip! Cyclists, walkers, runners, families, and more will love the scenic views and history-rich small towns. Spend an afternoon basking in the expansive landscape of the rural countryside – complete with climbing bluffs, Missouri wildlife, and flowering prairies. From history buffs to art lovers and music enthusiasts, the Country Store Corridor has something for everyone – with live music on the weekends, shopping opportunities, and small-town charm.

Visit us at Peers Store, the Peers Prairie, and the Treloar Mercantile – the bookends of our Country Store Corridor.

It’s a lot of history, natural beauty, and Missouri countryside just a short drive from St. Louis that offers attractions for all interests and ages along its length in charming, small town settings.

Country Store Corridor Extension

Want to extend your experience and see more beautiful sights along the Katy Trail? Dan Burkhardt personally recommends a stretch that includes the Country Store Corridor, stating, “We love all of the Katy Trail, but the part that we know best is just an hour west of St. Louis – from the Peers Store, past the Treloar Trailhead, to the Berger Bluffs.”

Our Country Store Corridor exists within this beautiful stretch that includes the Berger Bluffs. This 8-mile stretch of trail extends beyond the Corridor west of Treloar, where the Berger Bluffs and river are separated only by the Katy Trail itself.

See below for a list of services, attractions, and accommodations available in Country Store Corridor.

Peers Store | Along the Country Store Corridor

Open April through October.

Katy Trail Access: Mile marker 80.1
Driving Directions: 16011 Concord Hill Rd, Marthasville, MO 63357

If you start your exploration at the Peers Store on a weekend, you’ll not only see our native 4-acre prairie but you’ll also hear some remarkable bluegrass music and get a look inside an 1890s store — with a modern bathroom — have cold drinks and snacks. See our historic photos and learn more about the conservation work of Magnificent Missouri. Learn more about the Peers Store here. And check out our events page for happenings at Peers Store.

Listen to live music on the porch, grab a snack, rehydrate with a cold water or Gatorade, shop for souvenirs and gifts, and use the restroom here at the Peers Store (open 6 days a week, closed on Wednesdays).

Parking located directly across the street from the Peers Store. Beverages available any time with the soda machine located on the porch of the Peers Store.


Peers Store is a historic, national treasure built for the arrival of the KATY Railroad in 1896.

Treloar Mercantile | Along the Country Store Corridor

The over 100-year-old Treloar Mercantile Building was built for the arrival of the KATY Railroad in 1896.

Katy Trail Access: Mile marker 84.4
Driving Directions: Treloar Trailhead

In Treloar, you’ll find Missouri’s largest ear of corn next to the Treloar Mercantile Building and a 100-year-old grain elevator that held thousands of bushels of corn before it was shipped out on the KATY. Located in southern Warren County on Route 94, south of Warrenton.

You can also sit on the front porch of the Treloar Mercantile Building – a bank that Bonnie and Clyde could have robbed. If it’s lunch or dinner time, make sure to stop at the Treloar Bar & Grill for the best hamburger on the Katy Trail. Learn more about Treloar’s offerings here.