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Conservation Easements

Planting Trees and Prairies

Fighting Invasive Species

We believe that the Missouri countryside is a place of great natural beauty and value, especially the land along the Missouri River and Katy Trail, west of St. Louis. Limestone bluffs, vast river bottom fields, forested hillsides, and rolling pastures can’t protect themselves – they need our help.

Conservation Easements: Protecting Your Land from Future Development

We educate landowners who may be interested in permanently protecting their land for farming, forestry, and recreation uses.  Voluntary conservation agreements, or easements, were created by Congress in the 1970s to reward landowners who permanently protect their land from development.

Protect your land for generations to come!

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Planting Trees and Prairies: Enriching the Land We Love With Native Plant Species

It’s up to us to help reforest the land along the Katy Trail, as well as on private and public land in the river valley. Why are native species the best? Native plants are adapted to our local environment – it’s where they thrive, naturally! Native plant species are advantageous for many reasons – from providing shelter and food for native wildlife like butterflies, insects, birds, and other animals, to promoting biodiversity and stewardship of our natural heritage, and more! Not to mention, native plants are beautiful and increase the scenic value of the land all around us.

Promote native plant species!

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Fighting Invasive Species

Invasive species threaten biodiversity in a BIG way. In fact, they pose one of the biggest threats – second only to habitat loss and degradation. Once invasive species like bush honeysuckle and autumn olive gain a foothold on a farm or in a woodland, they are virtually impossible to eliminate. Despite the damage they cause, many conscientious landowners are unaware of the threat they pose.

Learn more about the dangers of invasive plant species and how you can join the fight against them! Knowledge is power!

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Missouri River Country video

One of the BEST videos ever produced for Magnificent Missouri!