We have exciting news: It’s official! The Peers Store Pollinator Garden is now the Peers Store Pollinator Garden of Excellence. Our beautiful prairie has been inducted into the Grow Native! Native Gardens of Excellence Program, which showcases native landscaping styles in the lower Midwest.

Our garden located in Marthasville joined the 20 sites admitted into the program since its launch in 2021. Read more about our newly instated site here!

This 4-acre Peers Prairie lies between the Peers Store and the Katy Trail. In 2016, in collaboration with Missouri State Parks, we planted native wildflowers and grasses on this trailside property. It provides habitat and bio-diversity for the pollinators and beauty for all of us on the Trail.

Come visit this gorgeous natural site when you make your next stop at the Peers Store.  For more about what to expect when visiting the Peers Store, please check out the Peers Store Page here!