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Pedego Electric Bike Rentals at Peers

Experience the Katy Trail

Experience the Katy Trail like never before
with Pedego electric bike rentals at the Peers Store

Come into the Peers Store and rent a Pedego Electric Bike


Visit Pedego’s page for e-bike rentals at Peers Store by clicking the image above.

Call: 314-265-7568

Peers Store Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 10am to 2pm
Wednesday: CLOSED
Saturday: 10am to 4 pm
Sunday: 12pm to 4 pm

LIVE Music on the Peers Porch Every Weekend:
12pm to 3pm, starting May 14th through Oct 30th


Learn more about Peers Store here.


The Peers Store is an ideal place to start a bike ride
on the Katy — going either east or west.



3.5 miles west of Peers is the old railroad town of Treloar home of the Treloar Mercantile Building and the Treloar Elevator — and the best burger on the Katy Trail at the Treloar Bar and Grill (closed on Monday and Tuesday). Also look for Missouri’s largest ear of corn in the side yard of the Treloar Mercantile — and the Trees of Treloar, a native tree planting created by Magnificent Missouri as a companion to the native prairie at Peers.

West of Treloar you’ll ride through a shaded “Tunnel of Trees” until you cross Highway 94 and begin riding along the Missouri River. Here the Katy Trail and tall limestone bluffs come together to create some of the best river views on the entire Trail.

12 miles from Peers is Lost Creek Winery — you will see a sign on the Trail pointing up the hill. The views at this small winery are spectacular.


Approximate e-Bike Riding Times from Peers:

Treloar — 15 minutes
The Bluffs — 35 minutes
Lost Creek Winery — 45 minutes


Marthasville is 3.5 miles east of Peers. In Marthasville you’ll see new trees along the trail. These native Missouri River valley trees were planted in October, 2022 as part of a three year tree planting campaign sponsored by Magnificent Missouri and Forest ReLeaf.

As soon as you arrive in Marthasville you’ll see the appropriately named Caboose restaurant (closed on Wednesday) that serves healthy and interesting food. Philly’s Pizza is also in downtown Marthasville.

About 8 miles from Peers, past Marthasville, is Dutzow (and the Dutzow Deli) — along the way you’ll pass Boone Monument Village, and the original burial site of Daniel Boone who lived nearby. You will also pass the entrance to Lake Creek Winery.


Approximate e-Bike Riding Times from Peers:

Marthasville — 15 minutes
Dutzow — 35 minutes

The Trail & River Treasures

Explore the treasures of the Katy Trail and the Missouri River! You could even win an electric bike this summer!

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