By Karen Cernich

The Marthasville volunteer firefighters, who have sold bratwursts and hot dogs at the Treloar Elevator Party every year as a fundraiser, showed off the 14-foot Zodiac Swift Water Rescue boat they were able to purchase with the proceeds from all of their fundraisers over the last several years. The boat was on display next to the bratwurst stand at this year’s Elevator Party.

In addition to the boat, a $20,000 value, the fire department was able to purchase the necessary swift water rescue training and gear for 12 firefighters, at a cost of $3,500 per firefighter, said Cindy Gladden, Marthasville’s public information officer.

Marthasville, which runs around 300 calls a year, has roughly 60 active volunteer firefighters and three fire stations — in Marthasville, Dutzow and Treloar.

“Our fire district includes 165 miles of coverage, and we have experienced a drastic increase in water-related emergencies,” Cindy said. “With the support from our community and generous people like the Burkhardts, we are better prepared to handle that.”