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About “Growing Up with the River: Nine Generations on the Missouri”

Stories of conservation & history along the Missouri River

For a small area, the Missouri River Valley west of St. Louis has played an outsized role in the country’s history. The last 100 miles of the longest river in America capture many stories of both the growth of our country and the accompanying changes in the river and environment.

The 112-page hardcover book, designed for young readers, is illustrated with nine original paintings by one of Missouri’s leading artists, Bryan Haynes, with an introduction by Dr. Francis Levine, President of the Missouri History Museum.

These stories take place within the lifespan of one of the book’s recurring characters – a mythical Bur Oak tree that stands near the river and gets its start in 1806. The Bur Oak is one of the grandest of all Missouri oaks and one of the longest-lived trees in the state, living up to 350 years.

“Growing Up with the River” takes a brief look at each of the nine generations that have grown up in nine different communities since Lewis and Clark plied the river for their epic Voyage of Discovery.

Growing Up with the River