Protect Your Missouri Land

Magnificent Missouri works to conserve the landscape along the Katy Trail and Missouri River. We educate landowners about how permanently protecting their property can keep it in agricultural, forestry, or recreational use for generations to come. This can be done with a permanent deed restriction on the land, known as a conservation easement. Magnificent Missouri can assist with this process. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.



Facts about Conservation Easements

1.  You decide what parts of the land you want to protect from future development and the areas where development would be allowed.

2.  You continue to own the land as your private property. No type of public access is required, and you can timber the land (using good conservation practices) and use it for agricultural purposes — so long as you do not develop it with roads or non-agricultural buildings.

3.  In the future, the land can be sold or passed on to others just as it would have been without an easement — the only caveat is that future owners have to abide by the agreement with the land trust and can’t develop it.

4.   You may receive a significant tax benefit in the form of a charitable contribution deduction for the decrease in the land value because of the removal of the development rights on the protected land.

5.   There is an upfront cost that the landowner has to pay to the land trust to fund the future costs of “monitoring” the property. Monitoring consists of annual inspections, done by the land trust, to ensure that there is no development occurring.