Despite public outcry, St. Charles County and the University of Missouri push bad land deal forward.

The tranquility of the Katy Trail will soon be jeopardized if the St. Charles County Council and the University of Missouri system get their way. The Missouri Bluffs project is the subject of significant controversy. First, for the way the land became available to the developer, Homes by Whittaker. Second, for the Council’s reversal of the St. Charles County Planning and Zoning recommendations.

Not only are citizens angered by the impact that this will have on Great Rivers Busch Greenway, the Busch Conservation area, and the Katy Trail, but many are questioning how they are being represented. Only one County Council Member voted NO to the development, Mike Elam. "It was a complete flip from the recommendation of P&Z and the people want to know why," says Ralph Pfremmer, newly appointed Executive Director of Magnificent Missouri, a group dedicated to the preservation of land along the last 100 miles of the Missouri River. "Right now is a good time to evaluate a voter’s role in community politics. Residents should be demanding answers from any YES vote.”

In 1948, the federal government gifted the University of Missouri a large swath of land in the Missouri Bluffs area of St. Charles County for the purposes of research and stewardship. Now, Mizzou is trying to sell the land to a subdivision developer as part of back room deal.

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