EcoHealth Network Launches in St. Louis

A huge thanks is due for anyone being a part of the launch of the EcoHealth Network meeting back in May. Hosting this initial get together of the EHN was the Missouri Botanical Garden, one of the greatest proponents of biodiversity in the world.

It was a gathering that prefaced two full days of discussion among ecological restoration advocates, scientists, and practitioners from around the globe - the beginning of an effort which will include the work of EcoHealth St. Louis. 

Participants in this meeting represented seasoned success stories and fledgling efforts from New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Finland, and Canada, as well as Arizona, Wisconsin, and Missouri.  Also attending were leaders of public health and medicine from St. Louis, Boston, and the UK. They talked about the positive effect ecological restoration can have on human health in urban and rural areas alike.

While the participants in the recent meeting came from far-flung places and face a great variety of issues in their restoration efforts and their research, those differences were far outweighed by the commonalities of their goals. On the shores of the Indian Ocean and the Baltic Sea, along the banks of the Missouri River, near the Mexican border in southern Arizona, and on the Sugar River in southern Wisconsin, the EcoHealth movement is driven by the vision of improving human health across all our communities by improving our environments.  

We will make sure to provide updates on the progress. Magnificent Missouri feels strongly about the opportunities put forth by the EHN.

Telos 123